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GF -1000 3-8 Color Printing Machine Rotary Colours Rotary Printing Machine Chinese patent number: ZL200420045957 XZL02226459.0 "Kingland card" GF-1000 Rotary Printing Machine series, its main feature is the chromatic precision, high speed and efficiency, ease of operation, color combinations, complete with a bottom surface 1, 4 3 the bottom surface, a bottom surface 2 5 to 7 a bottom surface of a variety of combinations to choose from and so on; two-sided printing at 1 m / s speed, to guarantee the achievement of precise chromatic pattern, clear colorful printing results. It can be printed with a variety of print materials, such as ribbons, nylon, cotton belt, stickers and paper and so on. Parameters: Note: Single Dryer power 2kw; double-sided dryer power 4kw.

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Gold Fai Machinery Co. Limited is Engaged in manufacturing of all kinds of four colour rotary belt label printing machines and six colour rotary belt label printing machines.