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Aluminium wheels really do make it easier for you to save money when driving. They only weigh half as much as steel wheels and, what's more, are more robust and smoother running. Bank on the ECO Wheel and enjoy the benefits of a forged aluminium wheel: • Weight saving of up to 50% compared to steel wheels - which makes for a larger payload • Payback in a short space of time because of the increased Ioad and lower operating costs • Fuel saving because of lower weight with the same Ioad • Reduced maintenance costs: lncreased thermal conductivity increases tyre mileage as well as the service lives of brake discs and pads • Enhanced ride quality thanks to lower unsprung mass • Environmentally friendly, because of 100% recycling capability

Company Profile

BPW Asia PTE Ltd.specialises in the development and manufacture of complete running gear technology for: car trailers, caravans, light commercial trailers, industrial and construction machinery special chassis for front-wheel drive vehicle self-propelled vehicles e. g. snowcats