Automatic Folder Gluer Stitcher Machine

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Dec,31, 2023

High speed Folder gluer: 220sheet/min stitching: 110sheet/min (1)According work 10 hours a day, folder gluer machine can produce 132000 sheets, stitching machine can produce 66000sheets (2)But manual stitcher just produce 8000sheets, auto folder gluer stitcher increased the production efficiency and save time cost on advantage of speed \Save cost All line just need 4 person to operate ( including strapping machine and auto feeder machine), saved the manpower cost \High efficiency (1)all line from cardboard to carton, high efficiency\convenient and fast\save time. (2)Don't need move cardboard to semi-automatic stitcher machine, save transportation time and area of factory. \Multifunctional

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Guangzhou Giant Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is specializes in the export of corrugated machines, such as Flexo printer slotter die cutter & Folder Gluer stitcher Count Ejector, off line folder gluer stitcher count ejector, Auto feeder and etc.