Portable Driven Screw Compressor

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1 Compression Element As we know, the element whose performance directly effects the operation and life of the machine is a heart of a rotary screw compressor. The series compressors have the latest evolution of the asymmetrical profile rotary screw element provided by Atlas Copco Group. The Airtec factory located in Antwerp is well-kwon as the largest compressor manufacturer in the world. The two rotors with asymmetric profile, which have the same diameter, are mounted on high quality, low wear ball and roller bearings. The high degree of sealing and the fine tolerance level used in the element also guarantees even, in small power ranges: Greater yield High efficiency Long life and high reliability Constant, durable performance 2. Diesel Motor The series compressors are powered by a diesel engine from Cummins with high reliability and long life, providing a reliable source of compressed air. The diesel motor are specially designed for operating in engineering industry, which make sure portable air compressors stably and simply work under 3000 meters height above sea level. 3. Four Phased Fuel Filtration system A highly efficient fuel filtration system installed on the portable air compressors: Post filter, pre-filter and primary filter, secondary filter of water separator, providing the customer with high cleanness fuel and excellent performance.

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Ziqi Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer for Air Compressor. Main Products are Air Compressor, Screw Compressor, Air Dryer manufacturers / suppliers in China, offering 300cfm Air Compressors Compressor, 13 Bar Screw Air Compressor etc.