Hydraulic Balance Valve

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Dec,31, 2024

1. It can automatically induce negative moment to limit the movement speed of negative moment and prevent speed out of control and suction of oil pump and system. 2. The inside is installed with a check valve for hydraulic locking. It can reliably avoid the fall of external load when the operating valve is at neutral position. 3. This valve can be inserted into the oil cylinder with a pipe or by itself to prevent the fall of oil cylinder to the hose damage. 4. It can provide valve bodies that meet the different requirements on installation size of users. 5. It can offer products of different flow specifications when the overall dimension of the complete valve spool is ensured invariant.

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Ningbo Yuzhou Hydraulic specialized in mobile hydraulic valves and motors, Including hydraulic motors, flow sharing control valve, slewing cushion valve, balance valve, proportional valve, cartridge valve, relief valve, check valve etc, which are widely used in concrete pump machinery, excavators, mobile cranes, forklift, hydraulic winches, drilling equipment, garbage trucks, agricultural/forestry machines, Aerial Work Platforms etc.