Agent Wanted CO2 Laser Marking Machine on Keyboard

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Dec,31, 2023

Product features: 1. Adopts the most advanced hermetic continuous CO2 laser tube from America imported ,the lifetime of the laser tube is over 20,000 hours, especially suitable for laser cutting,engraving and marking. 2.Built-in high speed galvanometer scanning system with high performance, can bring you high precision and fast speed. Main Application: 1.Can mark on various kinds of non-metal material,such as organic glass, ceramic, plastics, synthesize material, timber, rubber,leather and paper products; 2.Electronic fields: laser marking of capacitance, inductance, printing circuit board, integrated circuit, electric connecting appliances, each kind of instrument and control panel. 3. Daily products and garment industry: marking for buttons, cosmetics package, package of cigarette and wine, stationery, handicraft product. Technical data: Model M-DPSS-50 M-DPSS-75 M-DPSS-100 Laser type Co2 Laser Device Laser wavelength 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm Laser mode TEM00 or low step term TEM00 or low step term TEM00 or low step term Rated laser power 50W 75W 100W Power stability ¡À1% ¡À1% ¡À1% Q-switch laser pulse frequency 1-50 kHz 1-50 kHz 1-50 kHz Laser head High-speed optical scanning galvanometer Marking Area 100X100mm (other marking area are available) Max marking speed 7 m/s Marking accuracy 0.02mm Marking software Specialized marking software, with strong function and simple menu operation, can print various kinds of Chinese and English text, Vectorial Graphics PLT, DXF file, Lattice Graphics BMP file, serial number (edit serial number automatically), barcode and 2D barcode, Computer system is Win98/XP/200. Cooling system PH-LW16-BHP PH-LW16-BHP PH-LW16-BHP Power requirement 220VAC,1KVA 220VAC,1.5KVA 220VAC,2KVA Your attention, please! We are not only can supply you the whole machinery as above , but also can cooperate with you at a OEM style. What¡¯s more, we can provide you all the key components and systems separately; Any inquires are welcome!

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