Bag Printing Machine

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Dec,31, 2024

Product Description 1. Meter counter equipped with pre-alarming bell. 2.1500-3500p/h, stepless governor. 3. Imported PVC Transmission belt, Automatic positioning 4. Printing roller can be automatically tracing and separating. 5. Oil leaking device can be replaced freely, oil-ink roller and offset can be separated and harmonized. 6. Transferring oil-ink by roller moir, enhanc-ing polished light for pringting, saving lil-ink. 7. Rear transmission can be delayed with the function of airing.

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Zhejiang Shenglong Machinery Co., Ltd. is specializes in manufacturing plastic machinery equipment, professionally making circular looms, tape drawing machines, winding machines, laminating machines, automatic cutting machine, automatic sewing machine. Printing machines, film blowing machine, bag making machines