Induction Heating Equipment

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Main Features 1. KIS Series have high frequency, able to heat steel wire diameter less than Φ 0.1mm. 2. Resonant conversion of technology: High efficiency, the power consumption is only 20%-50% of consumption of vacuum tube induction heating equipment. 3. MOSFET technology based, high frequency, light weight and small size. 4.100% duty cycle and 24 hours continuous work. 10% -100% output power steplessly adjustable. 5. Simple design; Easy installation, here is no need for regulation and convenient operation. 6. Safe and Reliable: The equipment has no high voltage, the operation is safe.

Company Profile

GUANGZHOU DUROWELDER Limited is founded by WELDING TECHNOLOGIES, USA and serves as its Manufacturing Plant in order to bring latest achievements in welding science and technology to the biggest market of welding equipment in the world-China with a goal to support a demand for high quality equipment in the region and beyond.