BB mixed agricultural fertilizer npk fertilizer 20-20-20 china fertilizer

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Dec,31, 2023

Important statements: My factory accepts new BB Compound Fertilizer Formula, MOQ 100 Tons Huaqiang (BB fertilizer) selects high-quality large-grain nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizer as the main raw materials, and makes scientific preparation according to different crops and different soil types. Moderate and trace elements such as zinc, boron and calcium are added appropriately, and the nutrients are comprehensive, effectively enhancing the crop yield and resistance.Special addition of "NAM" long-acting agent can effectively prolong the absorption efficiency period of crops, which is conducive to cost saving and efficiency increase and nutrient utilization rate improvement.

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Huaqiang Chemical Group is a large-scale chemical enterprise group. In 2009, it achieved a joint venture and strategic alliance with the world's top 500 Shanxi Jinmei Group. At present, Huaqiang Chemical Group has total assets of 5 billion yuan and more than 5,000 employees. The products cover nearly 30 varieties in the four fields of fertilizer, chemical, thermoelectric and new building materials.Annual production of 600,000 tons of amino alcohol, 1 million tons of urea, 1.5 million tons of com