Kso Portable Oxygen Generator

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KSO PSA oxygen generator Principle of operation KSO PSA oxygen generator chooses high quality zeolites molecular sieve as adsorbent,and make use of variable pressure swing adsorption principle, then get the oxygen from compressed air directly. l1.Compressed air via air purification system to remove impurities like oil, solid dust and so on,then enter into adsorption tower equipped zeolite molecular sieve.As zeolite molecular sieve has the characteristic of selective adsorption, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, steam is adsorbed by molecular sieve,while oxygen has a high spread rate,thus the oxygen go through adsorbent and gets separated. l2.When the impurities like nitrogen adsorbed in adsorption tower arrives at a certain extent, reducing pressure to make zeolite molecular sieve desorb,then the adsorbent will regenerate, so the adsorbent can get cycle use.

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Hangzhou Juke Air Separator Installation Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in 2008. We are specialized in the research, development and manufacture of nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, compressed air dryers, and so on. Our products are widely applied to petroleum chemical, metallurgical coal, electronic electricity and biomedical industries.