Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Machine

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GR Series Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Machine Features: 1. Advanced "PEM" technology 2. Microcomputer control system 3. Engine stop detection Working principle The advanced "PEM" technology is applied to this engine cleaning machine, which generates the high purity hydrogen by electrolyzing the pure water. Under the ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, the hydrogen is conveyed directly into the combustion chamber of the operational engine, in which, the hydrogen is converted into hydrogen ions burning with the carbon deposit and oil sludge to generate carbon dioxide and water, so as to remove the carbon deposit effectively and clean the engine as well. Below is the chemical equation in the combustion chamber: The hydrogen is converted into hydrogen ions in a certain condition H2----2H+ The high activated hydrogen ions combined with carbon deposit and oil sludge in the combustion chamber are converted into carbon dioxide and water which is discharged with the car exhaust: C+H+---CxHy CxHy+O2----CO2+H2O

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Jinan Green Lab Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development, manufacture and international trade in hydrogen energy products and scientific instruments. Our company has an outstanding R&D team, and we are the first manufacturer to develop and produce the PEM technology hydrogen generators.