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The Fresh fruit Automatic Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine can pack the food vacummized and fill the ratable air into the package(boxes/bags). The process ensures the food fresh and delicious so as to satisfy the customers' taste. What's more,the modified atmosphere packaging machine meet the demand of production line. It also can be used to weigh the food,Barcode printing and adhibit label. Characters: 1.The control system applies PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) simplify the progress and reduce errors. 2.The material is stainless steel of SUS304 to create a clear product. 3.The air is full of the package so there is no need to add any preservative and additive.The product is more pollution-free. 4.Its wide application scope promise a suitable eating habit to all customers from different countries. 5.The performance price ratio is very high and the energyconsumption is very reasonable.It's quite environment-friendly. 6.The ratio of full package is very high ensuring a high quality output.

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Shanghai Uwants Technology Development Co. a technical innovation company engaging in food industry equipment.