Integrated water-cooled screw chiller

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Dec,31, 2024

Integrated water-cooled screw chiller has the following characteristics:   1, the system integration of energy-efficient, water-resistant design without outdoor room: integrated water-cooled screw chiller cooling system components combine optimized to achieve unit system parts, pumps and cooling towers efficient integration to maximize the realization of systems integration and energy efficiency perfect, the whole sheet metal design and direct placement outdoor rain, no dedicated room, eliminating room construction costs;   2, programmable PLC control, just a key to start, the entire cooling system to achieve fully automated operation: remote and on-site one-button operation to stop the use of the boot and related procedures, after starting the entire refrigeration system is fully automated to run according to the cooling load, the system of Linkage communications control unit coordinated operation;

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Shanghai Wen Dai Industrial Co., Ltd. is Winday Industrial. Set up in China, a professional R & D, manufacturing, sales and screw chillers, industrial chillers, Shanghai chillers, mold temperature and other industrial refrigeration and heating equipment and heating and cooling system design.