Slitter Scorer

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Features Individual servo motor and controller on each Slitter and scorer sets, quick and accurate order change. Slitters and scorers are inverter controlled, speed synchronizes with board speed. A.“Zero” score-spacing type Two rows of scorers, realizes Minimum score spacing is 0mm. Score profiles: Male-to-female, Male-to-flat, Male-to-male. B.Pre-score type Two rows of scorers: Front row: Male-to-flat/ Pre-score; Back row: Male-to-female, Male-to-male. Front row with smooth roller as lower scorer, realizes high quality Male-to-flat/ Pre-score for full-printed board. Auto switching of Score profiles, Auto Score-depth adjust. Alloyed steel thin-blades, Auto sharpening and Auto lubrication. Standard trim suction-inlet, Auto positioning according to border blade. Standard motorized body left-right rectification system. Individual sealed electrical cabinet, equipped with Industrial air-conditioner, Dust-free, constant temperature and humidity ensures longer life-span of electrical components. Standard 10” touch-screen monitor, easy to operate. Standard communication interface, easy to link with Management system. Designed and manufactured according to CE standards.

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Qingdao Kaituo-NC Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional, hi-tech manufacturer, we are dedicated to the research & development and production of the DRY-END corrugated cardboard equipments. We provide the complete automated solution of the DRY-END corrugated production line, which realizes high production efficiency, cardboard quality, reduces waste, energy consumption and labor costs.