Breast Plumping Machine

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Dec,31, 2024

Magic efficacy: 1. Plump breast: Change flat and smooth breasts, enlarge breasts quickly, and figure plump round breast-line. 2. Rectify breast: Lift breast, solve breast problems, such as dissymmetry, out-spreading and drooping etc. 3. Sculpture breast-line: Move redundant fats from the oxter, back, haunch, belly and hip to breast, which could beautify the curves of back, haunch, belly, and hip; 4. Firm and tender skins: Improve micro-circulation; Make breast skins tight, smooth, elastic; 5. Keep galactophore fit: Biology wave signal would activate breast; Cells, supply energy in time, so that breast would be healthy; 6. Health care: Lymph drainage, dredge breasts, Chinese massage and cupping. Applied crowd: 1. Female with hypogenesis, flat and small breasts. 2. Female with Slack breast because of lactation post partum. 3. Female with aging cells, shriveled and droopy breasts. 4. Female with bad habits, out-spread and dissymmetry breasts. 5. Female with rebounding from breast-enlarging, worrying about harm of beautifier breasts.

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