Vacuum UV Aging Test Chamber

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On Demand
Quantity :
1000 sets per month
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Expected Delivery Time :
30 days
Additional Requirement :
Wooden box
Price Valid Till :
Dec,31, 2023

Vacuum UV Aging Test Chamber aviation and aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electrical equipment, electronics, and electronic elements in high/low temperature environment or humid-heat environment. Digital control ▪ operate well and use widely Philips commutator and starter (ensuring that the UV lamp shall be turned on while the machine starts every time) Vacuum state ▪ UV radiation▪ simulate enviroment well The spectral energy distribution of UVA-340 lamp focus on wavelength of 340nm The spectral energy distribution of UVB-313 lamp focus on wavelength of 313nm All lamps are imported from America with active service life of 1600¡«1800 hours, and the service life of 2500 hours may be achieved by irradiation adjustment. High definition touch screen and reliable Introduce 5.7¡± color touch screen of Taiwan Weilun and PLC module controller of Germany Siemens with automatic handwritten function, intuitionistic operation interface, graceful, elegant appearance and convenient and easy operation. ISO9001 Quality Management System Certified Comply with: GB10485-89 GB4208-93 GB/T4942 etc.

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