Roma PC corrugated sheet

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Dec,31, 2023

Light transmission: Fine light transmitting rate approve to 30~ 85%. Weather resistance: With anti-UV weather treatment on the surface, it can prevent the resin from fatigue and yellowing caused by UV. The anti-UV agent on the surface can change the UV absorbed by chemical bond into visible light,and finely stabilize the photosynthesis of plants. Impact resistance: With the strength as 250 times of the ordinary glass, 30 times as the PMMA sheet, it has less risk of breakage Fire retardant: Fire retardency is up to B2 level (based on the National GB8625-88 test. without flame or toxic gas). Temperature toleration: Without deformation within the temperature range from-40°C to +120°C. Sound insulation: It is the best transparent materials for sound insulation engineerings as expressways, factories,etc.. Portability: Light weight,easy handling and drilling, not easy breakage in cutting installation, simple construction and fine treatment

Company Profile

Weiersha Building Materials Co., Ltd. A sub-joint venture of Weiersha Enterprise(group), which is one of the largest famous polycarbonate sheet/PC sheet manufacturer in China. We adopt international famous brand high molecule engineering Bayer Macrolon polycarbonate sheet resin, GE Lexan polycarbonate sheet resin etc, produce and offer various styles and specifications PC sheet as UV PC sheet, UV-PC corrugated sheet, PC corrugated roofing, polycarbonate solid sheet, UV-PC polycarbonate corrugated sheet, Polycarbonate hollow sheet, PC hollow sheet, etc.