Cryogenic Nitrogen Generator

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Dec,31, 2020

The oxygen generating equipment adopts normal temperature molecular sieve purification process, gas bearing turbine expander provide required cooling capacity,the twin towers rectifying, full rectify and produce argon with structured packing technique. And set up the liquid storage evaporation system,product compression system. Package unit completed by DCS system, the control of process and technology follows the most advanced and the most common international practice, and implement on the premise of the stable operation of design patterns. Cryogenic air separation equipment can provide liquid oxygen,liquid nitrogen,liquid argon and other gas,it can be meet the needs of the users.

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Guangzhou Huilin Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech company devoting all spirit to developing and producing various sorts of living gas generator. Mainly business include producing& marketing gas separation system, renting out gas generator.