Dry Truck Box

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Qingdao Hongxin Fanhui International Trade CO.,LTD, China
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Dec,31, 2018

Refrigerator and Insulation Truck Body * Germaney Technology * ISO9001:2000, TS/ISO16949:2002, CCC * Material: Color Steel Sheet EPS, FRP EPS, FRP PU Refrigerated and Insulated Truck Body Performance: 1. Outer/inner skin is FRP panel 2. Polyurethane insulated ,PU foam density 42-45kg/m3 3. 304 stainless steel locks ,hinges,door frame, wrap angle 4. Aluminium alloy Edge Protector 5. EPDM rubber door seal 6. Thickness: 62mm ,82mm,102mm or other special demands, body size as you demanded 7. Side door is optional 8. Light in weight: 40% lighter than metal body. 9. Better insulation: K value less than 0.3w/m2k.. 10. High in strength and long life: 5 times longer than metal body.

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Qingdao Hongxin Fanhui International Trade CO.,LTD Main products are FRP Panels, Fiberglass Rolls, Refrigerator and Insulation Truck Body, Dry Truck Body, Wing Opening Truck Body, Caravan Trailer Body,etc.