4 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB

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Dec,31, 2023

4 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB, Multilayer PCB, FR-4 + Polyimide (XML-04) Layer qty: 4 Layers rigid-flex PCB Material: FR-4, 1.6mm+/-10%, PI(polyimide) Copper: 1~1 oz finish Green mask, white legend Immersion gold Min. 5mil / 5mil trace width and space, Min. Via: 12 mil Profile: CNC routing, prototype, middle volume E-test: 100% Fixture, vacuum package Quality report: Solderability test, E-test report, Final inspection

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Shenzhen X-Mulong Circuit Co., Ltd. is a professional Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards. Estabished in 2006, the company sticks to make the best printed circuit boards with high quality, high precision and multi-species.