Multi-layer mesh dryer

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Dec,31, 2024

DWT Series Mesh-Belt Drier for Vegetable Dehydration is special equipment researched and developed on the basis of traditional net belt drier. It has stronger pertinency, practicability and high efficiency of energy. It is wide used for all kinds of vegetables dehydration such as garlic, cushaw, konjak, white radish, yam, bamboo shoot, etc at different region and season. We are making advanced productive equipment for customers. According to the characteristics of raw materials to be dried and the process requirements of customers and combined the accumulated experience for more ten years, we have made the most suitable and the best drier for vegetables dehydration to supply customers.

Company Profile

Changjiang Drying Equipment Factoryis a famous one specialized in producing drying equipment and also state and China Chemical Equipment Corporation specially-designated enterprise for producing drying equipment.