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Overview A+E-920C transmitter is used to measure the density, pressure and liquid level of the liquid, gas or steam, then converts them to 4~20mA DC current signal output. A+E-920C can communicate with HART manual operator to complete setting and surveillance, etc. Characteristics 1) It adopts advanced technology of micro-electronic machining.High accuracy, generally is ±0.2%. 2) High stability and high reliability. 3) The influence quantity after 100, 000 times overpressure test ≤±0.03%/16MPa 4) Work continuously for 5 years without zero adjusting. 5) HART field bus communication protocol. 6) Perfect diagnosis and remote setting of communication function. 7) It can be directly installed without three-valve manifold. 8) Material of wetted membrane of basic goods: 316L, TAN, HAS-C, MONEL and etc. 9) External zero point/ Full range tuning.

Company Profile

Shanghai AEAD Technology Co., Ltd is a cooperation of Chinese and German technique which mainly performs in R&D, production and sales. The company adopts advanced production line from Germany, and the main products include A+E series products for exporting and A+D products for domestic sales in pressure, temperature, flow, level, calibration and valve which can cater for the needs from domestic and foreign markets. Products are organized and sold under fully dedicated divisions, each staffed with an experienced and highly trained team of dedicated technical sales, applications engineering and customer service support personnel. Products are applied to water treatment, petrochemical, chemicals, machinery, pharmacy, food, mine, metallurgy, etc.