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2.Shampoo Ginger, Pinecone Ginger. Chemical Formula:C15H22O Molecular Weight: 218.340 CAS:471-05-6 Zerumbone is a sesquiterpene phytochemical from a type of edible ginger known as "Zingiber Zerumbet Smith" grown in Southeast Asia or "Zingiber aromaticum", called also in china as Wild Ginger. Zerumbone is currently being explored for its effects on cancer in general and Leukemia in particular. Medicinal Properties of Zerumbone:1.Suppresses free radical generation; 2. Anti-inflammatory;3.Suppresses cancer cell proliferation accompanied by apoptosis: "abolishes NF-kappaB and IkappaBalpha kinase activation leading to suppression of anti-apoptotic and metastatic gene expression, upregulation of apoptosis, and downregulation of invasion." (See article below)counters HIV activity (IC50=0.14mM). The Plant:Zingiber Zerumbet Smith is from KINGHERBS' farm. The 2-3 years old rhizome is used. Historical Uses of Zerumbone:This variety of Ginger was carried by Polynesians throughout the islands of the Pacific, from Taiwan where it has always been used by the indigenous population, to Hawaii where it is known as "awapuhi". Zerumbet Ginger is used in cooking for flavour, in the treatment of swellings, strains and bruises as a poultice, as a decoction for settling upset stomachs, for toothache as an anaesthetic, for the treament of cuts and sores, and for tinea and ringworm. The clear liquid contents of the cones are used as a shampoo. The parts used are the rhizome, the leaves and the cone. Abstracts of Following Research on Zerumbone are available from KINGHERBS Limited. 1. Zerumbone as treatment for cancer. 2. Zerumbone as treatment for Leukemia. 3. Zerumbone as treatment for tumor. 4. Zerumbone and inflamation.

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