delivery valve,head rotor,common rail nozzle,diesel plunger,element,diesel nozzle

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Dec,31, 2021

Welcome to contact: Denny Chen TEL: 86-18659004588 Email:infos at MSN:zexparts at Website:http://zexel dot hk Company: Zex Fuel Injection Parts Inc Dear Sir/Madam:we are manufacturer and exporter of diesel fuel injection systems parts and specialize in producing nozzle,element,plunger,delivery valve,head rotor,pencil nozzle,common rail nozzle,nozzle holder and so on,the products exported to more than 100 countries and the products quality gained praise of many clients. For further information,please do not hesitate to contact us,we expect to your response soon. 903 055 206 247 013 015 019 070 001 003 005 007 027 102-208 065 069 101 103 105 201 045 047 057 067 069 077 376 378 377 320 A35 161S1 161S2 P40 A3 A9 A10 A20 A21 A24 A26 A27 A28 A32 A33 A36 A40 A43 A44 A45 A49 A53 A57 A58 A59 A61 A69 A71 A74 A75 50S5 A84 A85 A86 02A 05A 09A 12A 15A 20A 23A 24A 32A 50S5 338 286P1 P1 P3 P4 P8 P11 P13 P19 P20 P23 P27 P41 P43 P44 P52 P53 P16 P62 P69 P71 P73 P74 P77\P801 P88 VE1 64\1 244 50S5 070 120 143 and so on

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ZEX is a Company founded in 1961 and is based in USA. It is specialised in the manufacture of Components for all types of Diesel Fuel Injection Parts in China. and the products cover an extremely vast range of spare parts from Nozzle, Plunger pump, Delivery valve and Head rotor. With 49 years of experience in the Diesel Fuel Injection Field we have acquired a vast technological expertise which accounts for the quality reached in ZEX DIESEL products. We has been supplying for all these years to Diesel Engine Manufacturers, Aftermarket wholesalers and Pump Repair Shops creating a vast network of Distributors in over 100 countries in the world. Our aim and business policy is to give the customer a reliable quality product and service, alternative to the OEM products, and is committed to a continuous improvement of its products reliability. For further information,please do not hesitate to contact us by ( or,we expect to your response soon.