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Dec,31, 2024

Kubota DC-60 is a tool of Kubota rice harvesters are able to work quickly and accurately to produce more grain. A significant increase in efficiency thanks to the ability of this tool that replaces the 3 processes at once, namely: cutting, gathering and threshing. Coupled with its compact design, the DC-60 will maximize your productivity. Kubota Combine Harvester also able to shed and separate the grain with a very low percentage of loss is less than 3% of the harvest.Features • Operator space comfortable and easy to operate • Strong and reliable engine power: Kubota diesel engine powered V2403DI-T power 60HP • Able to harvest in accordance with the conditions of the plant • Able to work in the rice fields: the average pressure on the surface of 0.2 kgf / cm2 • 3-way stream of water cleaning system makes grain cleaner grain free of dirt • High crop capacity, capable of up to 0.5 ha / h. • Only need 3 workers (1 operator and 2 helpers).

Company Profile

PT Bina Pertiwi (BP) was established on November 15, 1976, the focus in the field of agricultural and industrial equipment and wholly owned by PT United Tractors Tbk (UT), also a member of the Astra Heavy Equipment, Mining, and Energy (AHEME) group.