Convection Heaters

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Convection heaters are designed to heat the air in a room and distribute it as evenly as possible. They're good for background warmth, especially in well-insulated houses. Convection heaters warm the air around the heater. This warm air then rises and is replaced by cooler air which is in turn heated. While this means all convection heaters create a certain amount of air movement, it's not usually enough to distribute the warmth evenly throughout the room. This maintains a desired average room temperature (as long as it's within the heater's capacity), and should have a control that's easy to read and set.

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Synheat Mfg Pte Ltd is a leading manufacturer of industrial heading elements.In addition to heaters for home appliances, we also manufacture heating elements specific to industrial requirement. We have developed heating elements for use in a broad band of industries.