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GSH high-speed motors and GSB high-speed spindles are the three-phase, high-speed induction product line specially designed by our company. Used with frequency converters, they enable the electric shafts to rotate at a high speed, thus achieving a simplified and compact mechanism. High-precision shafting design enables the spindle to operate at a high speed and high precision for precision machining of work pieces with directly installed cutters. GSH/GSB high-speed motors and spindles are extensively applied for purposes as following. 1. High-speed milling, trimming, cutting, drilling and engraving of woods, plastics, glass, rubber and aluminum, etc. 2. High-speed emulsification power or homogenizers for precision medical appliance products, refined chemical products, cosmetics industry and food processing machinery. 3. High-speed drills in precision electronic industry and light industry machinery. 4. High-speed winding main shafts in textile industry. 5. Power of high-speed testers for high-speed rotation test for some products. 6. Other applications that need high-speed operation without mechanical driving mechanisms, such as high-speed pumps or high-speed fan driving applications.

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Rebeck Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Manufacturer and exporter of industrial electrical motors, products include axial fans, centrifugal fans, tangential fans, external rotor fans and motors, hydraulic pump motors, circuit breakers, single phase asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, automotive parts, brushless DC motors, DC motors, PM synchronous motors, stepper motors, and so on.