Blood Transfusion Set

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Dec,31, 2024

1) Designed for transfusion of blood or blood component; 2) Moulded latex flush ball injection membrane for intermittent medication; 3) Approximately 20 drops/ml; 4) Clear, transparent and soft tubing manufactured from medical grade PVC; 5) With 200 micron filter and 18 G hypodermic needle; Options available: - With or without Air vent; - With or without Needle; - With or without "Y" site (Latex or Latex - free); - Luer lock or luer slip; Packing: PE package or paper-plastic package

Company Profile

Guangdong Lejin Medicine Company Limited is in the fields as medicine, food supplement, beauty products, Pharmaceutical packaging and medical appliances and so on. Our strong points are the R & D and the industrialization of medicine, Pharmaceutical packaging and also good experience of international medicine registration.
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