Digital Stethoscope

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The New CK-E600 electronic stethoscope is the very latest in electronic auscultation technology. Moving on from the last generation, the patented piezopolymer film contact microphone conducts sounds directly from the body surface, through the advanced filtering and amplification module to the ear of the medical professional. This gives a much clearer sound to the practitioner for accurate diagnosis. Combined with the new technology is the traditional top quality with attention to comfort and durability, making this an ideal stethoscope for top level practitioners. Gives a level of amplification up to 18x that of a conventional stethoscope. CK-E600A with SOFTWARE: Heart/Lung Analysis Software which allows real time display, data storage and analysis of sounds allow quantitative diagnosis.

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GoldPlus Technology Inc brings to you unique, innovative, top-quality home health care products from Taiwan. We have built solid reputations servicing buyers from all over the world. The company is found as a result of increasing awareness of the general public for healthier living. More people are taking their health conditions into their own hands. With the right devices, self-monitoring is one of the best ways to prevent major sickness from occurring.