Volume Heat Exchanger

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The high-effect heat-exchange component--floating coiled tube is adopted in volume heat exchanger to heat the water in the tank layer by layer until temperature of the outlet reaches the preset value and generates domestic hot water. Volume heat exchanger with floating coiled tube is a new type of water heating equipment which is extensively applied in sanitary water heating system in schools, hospitals and hotels. Designed Pressure: Coiled tube: 1.6MPa Tank: 0.6/1.0/1.6MPa

Company Profile

Guangzhou Jiema Heat-exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, production and sales of heat equipments. With manufacturing license for Grade D1 and Grade D2 pressure vessels, JIEMA can produce various low and medium pressure vessels.JIEMA is in possession of various advanced heat exchanger production equipments and machine processing equipments: hydraulic machine dedicated for plate heat exchanger, plate rolling equipment, plate cutting equipment, stamping equipment, sheet rolling equipment, sheet coiling equipment and various machine tools.