Silver Coated Copper (Sphere-like)

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Dec,31, 2024

Description : Appearance: Light-silver powder Silver content: 20±1% *Physical Properties : Tap Density: 3.15 ~ 3.85 grams/cm3 Powder Resistivity: 5.00 ~ 5.50×10-5Ω‧cm *Particle Size Distribution (PSD was Measured by Malvern Mastersizer 2000E) : 10% less than 6.0 μm 50% less than 10.6μm 90% less than 18.34μm Applications : metallic filler for conductive adhesives *The listed physical properties and PSDdata are not a binding specification. They are only typical values. The product specification sheet is available on demand.

Company Profile

Pan-Continental Chemical Co., Ltd. (PCC) is a manufacturer of industrial chemicals, including inorganic compounds, zinc oxides, active zinc oxides, zinc carbonates, transparent zinc oxides, copper oxides, copper carbonate, zinc chlorides, zinc ammonium chloride, zinc compounds, triple salts, double salts, titanium dioxides, conductive zinc oxides, Nano zinc oxides, zinc residues, zinc dross, zinc fines, ZnO, CuO, ZnCl2, ZnCO3, CuCO3, AZO, high dispersible and conductive silver coated copper powders, etc.