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It represents the new frontier in automatic cutters. Specifically designed for hard materials. Fully digital, fast, reliable with extremely low power consumption and attractive design. Vacuum controlled by double digital inverter allows to drastically reduce power consumption as well as the best flexibility in cutting any thickness of lay : from singly ply to 7cm compressed. Automatic loading/unloading conveyor system. Total compatibility with main CAD systems. Plus points: interactive computer on board, blade bending active control, dynamic vacuum system managed by digital inverter, auto-diagnosis system, digital brushless motors cutting data report, Plc Omron.

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HOSHIMA INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. products include full set of garment machinery, from Industrial air-cooling ventilation system, cutting room, sewing room, ironing & packing room Equipments, to central management system; from the basic sewing machines to the Automatic High-Tech equipments. Most of the equipments are latest model, highest quality, and even unique garment machine in the market.