Ultrasonics sealing machine

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1. The new computer intelligent ultrasonic generator; 2. 20 KHz ultrasonic transducer device; 3. The mould for synchronization function; 4. Two motor speed control system; 5. Manual (or equipped with pneumatic) flowers die lifting system; 6. Multi-function flowers die bracket and level fine-tuning institutions. This machine characteristics 1. The built-in computer chips, multi-channel ultrasonic protection system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the host; 2. Super power output, medium has three gears adjustable power, to adapt to the different capable person is qualitative, the thickness of the welding and cutting requirements; 3. To be automatic after frequency system and the ultrasonic soft start technology of application, make the machine performance to the international level; 4. Bottom-formwork rotation function make chassis wear uniform, prolong service life and the improvement of the machining quality; 5. Take shape type is diversiform, can according to the customer need to provide design;

Company Profile

Wenzhou Ounuo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of non-woven bag making machine, flexographic printing machine, PP/PE/PVC Film Blowing Machine, and soft handle sealing machine in wenzhou City from China which is the famous city of machinery. In the past years, As well as excellent products, reasonable price, and perfect service, our machines have been exported different countries overseas.
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