Physical Foam Extruder

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Dongguan Taizheng Wire Machine Co., Ltd., China
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Dec,31, 2018

Should be in production all kinds of CATV, RG series of foam coaxial cable and telecommunications transmission lines and other low-loss cables, such as IEEE1394, CATV, RGDVI, HDMI, ATA, UL2919, etc. cables. Feature 1. The production of cable products that meet international or national standards. 2. Application materials: FM-PE, PE, PP, PVC, SR-PVC. 3. Quality control: with a diameter and the water, capacitive sensing device, the outer diameter full control products, foaming degree of processing parameters. 4. Head: Matching European imports or domestic high-quality double nose nose to achieve inner and outer precision extrusion. 5. Electric control: Imported Inverters + PLC touch screen control.

Company Profile

Dongguan Taizheng Wire Machine Co., Ltd is a professional well-know Taiwan-funded enterprises with production of wire&cable equipment in mainland China. Since built the production bases in dongguan, we have constantly absorbed many advanced technique from wire&cable equipment manufacturers at home and abroad.
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