Building Cable extrusion

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Adapted to produce various kinds of BV, BVN, BVR, RV, nylon sheath, low smoke zero halogen flame-retardant wire and environmentally-friendly construction. Feature 1. This series of product lines are subject to different processes and materials designed for extrusion to strengthen the structure can adapt to color bar, color skin and LSZH, nylon jacket coextrusion and other technological requirements. 2. Precision extrusion process control, extrusion diameter error can be controlled within ± 0.01mm. 3. Pairs of non-stop continuous rejection barrel actinomycetes not only increase productivity but also reduce the threading in the downtime when the waste of raw materials. 4. Optional mobile horizontal extrusion attached to machines or other forms of attached to machines, to meet a single injection of double injection of nylon coextruded diverse processes such as technical requirements. 5. Optional quick change color system, may from time to shutdown skin color can change colors, thereby reducing scrap rates and improve work efficiency.

Company Profile

Dongguan Taizheng Wire Machine Co., Ltd is a professional well-know Taiwan-funded enterprises with production of wire&cable equipment in mainland China. Since built the production bases in dongguan, we have constantly absorbed many advanced technique from wire&cable equipment manufacturers at home and abroad.
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