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GSL1300X high-temperature vacuum tube furnace takes SIC heating element as heating elements whose rating temperature is 1200 ¡æ, and adopts S-type platinum-rhodium thermocouple to measure temperature and auto-control the temperature by 708 P-automatic temperature instrument. It has high precision in temperature control (¡À 1 ¡æ). In addition, the furnace with a vacuum device can work under a variety of atmosphere that greatly increasing the scope of its application. The furnace has the advantages of the use of high temperature , high-precision temperature control, simple operation, easy maintenance, and other advantages, which can be widely used in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, commodity inspection, institutions of higher learning and scientific research departments. Its performance is similar to foreign product standards. Model CD-1300G Hearth Size£º ¦Õ42¡Á760mm Heating element: SIC heating element working temperature£º ¡Ü1200¡æ The max temperature£º 1300¡æ temperature controlling way£º Intelligence PLC Temperature accuracy: ¡À1¡æ thermostat District length: 120mm working power£º AC220V 50/60Hz Rating power: 2.5KW Exterior size: 400¡Á260¡Á525mm Weight: About 27.5kg

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