Stainless Steel Automatic Egg Liquid Machinery

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Stainless steel automatic egg liquid machinery Instruction: 1. This automatic machine is a set of automatic egg yolk protein separation and can be of mechanical equipment. 2. Eggs foris hovering transformation, processing speed is controled according to the diameter of the disc different 3. This equipment egg connects conveying chain, can use artificial put eggs, or to use semi-automatic chuck type way eggs. Characters: 1. Meet food grade, corrosion resistance, hygiene, easy to clean 2. It is able to separate egg yolk and egg white automatically or only getting whole egg liquid 3. Compared with traditional manual knocking eggs 4. With food hygiene requirements, there will be no eggshell and other dirt into the egg liquid. 5. Easy and automatically collect eggshell, keep the environment cleaning always Application Eggs breaking and egg liquid separating machine is an egg processing machine. It is suitable for following places 1. Cake/bread processing factories 2. Bakery 3. Western food restaurant 4. Eggs powder processing factory 5. Eggs liquid processing factory

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