Egg Powder Machine for Production Line

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Dec,31, 2024

Specifications 1.Small egg powder production line, 2.Vacuum low-temperature drying 3 Automatic and continuous drying 4 CIP cleaning It can be used as good fertilizer, or processed into eggshell blood fertilizer(mixed with animal blood) to promote the growth of plant, cultivate flowers and vegetable seedling. It can be used as medicine. Or processed into calcium preparation and add into food to supplement calcium. It can prevent skin allergy if add 1% eggshell powder into the cosmetics. It can be processed into household cleanser, etc. Concluding: Shell breaking, Mixing, Cooling, Homogenizing, Sterilization, Packaging Feature: 1. High efficiency 2. Apply for many kinds of powder like charcoal, coal, mineral, metal.etc. 3. Make round type or pillow type or oblong type charcoal ball. 4. The products have high density, high strength, and high hardness

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Nanjing Suofei Pharma-Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and exporting Pharmaceutical, Agricultural Chemical, Food Additives and Equipment. We supply many kinds of pharmaceutical equipment at the best quotation. Such as granulator, dryer, coater, mixer, pelletizer drying oven and furnace. All of them are manufactured, designed and laid out by GMP standard.