Double Roller Granulator

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Dec,31, 2024

DH series dry roll press pelletizer adopts dry rolling technology to compress the powdery materials with moisture content ≤ 5% into pieces or tablets, then going through the processes of breaking into pellets and screening to make the lump materials into pellet materials that meet the requirements of application. Dry roll press palletizing mainly depends on the manner of external pressure to force the material going through the clearance between the two relatively turning rolls to compress into laminar particles. During course of roller pressing, the real density of the materials can increase 1.5-3 times thus reaching certain demands to pellet strength.

Company Profile

Changzhou Fuyi Drying Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise, specialized in the developing and manufacturing of drying equipment, non-slurry pelletizing equipment, dynamic calcinations equipment and etc. By introducing the newly developed and most advanced technology on drying and pelletizing into the production process, a more effective method has been worked out to complement those shortcomings of rotating flash driers and dry rolling granulators currently manufactured at home.