Fertilizer Granulation (DH360)

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Dec,31, 2023

Roller compactor for dry granulation: Offers higher bulk specific gravity. (Materials can be processed without being bulky. ) Maintains stability of bulk specific gravity. Improves liquidity. (It facilitates constant feeding, weighing, and others. ) Eases the system handling. Prevents materials from scattering (i. e., improves the working environment). Facilitate mixing of materials. Provides smooth melting of materials (in other words, hardly forms lumps of materials). Features Simplified manufacturing process By dry-process granulation, you require no humidification and drying stages. Minimal transformation This system is the best-suited to granulate materials which are unstable to water or solvent and subject to thermal transformation. High-density products By compaction with pressure rollers, you can produce high-density particles and granulated powder. High compression force

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Changzhou Fuyi Drying Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise, specialized in the developing and manufacturing of drying equipment, non-slurry pelletizing equipment, dynamic calcinations equipment and etc. By introducing the newly developed and most advanced technology on drying and pelletizing into the production process, a more effective method has been worked out to complement those shortcomings of rotating flash driers and dry rolling granulators currently manufactured at home.