180deg. Panoramic HD PTZ camera system

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JL-P52180SC Panoramic network camera system (180degree Field of view, HD 1080P PTZ) * 180deg. Panoramic ultra HD camera for overall monitoring and PTZ camera camera for details * No blind area, low respond delay * Two cameras match precisely * Linkage response time of PTZ camera is less than 0.2s * 20x optical zoom * Support multiple resolutions and variable bitrate transmission * IP66 high level protection for all environmental conditions indoors and outdoors * Anti-thunder and surge-proof CCTV Camers system: Equipped with 180deg. panoramic ultra HD camera (JL-P5180) and one 1080P PTZ speed dome camera (JL-HS200) to provide unprecedented planes to points monitoring experience. Traditional supervisory equipment cannot present a whole view when it zooms into a specific area, which has blind area for monitoring. Otherwise, while the PTZ camera is scanning, the interval time lead the scanning becoming insignificance movement. In our systems, users not only can monitor the whole picture, meanwhile, they can also focus on a specific area by 20x optical zoom PTZ camera instantly. The global and local pictures are presented simultaneously.

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