SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

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Dec,31, 2024

The SF6 LBS ( Gas Insulated Load Break Switch ) of THAI MAXWELL is designed to meet the demands of oilless, maintenance free operation and DAS (Distribution Automation System) application. It integrate the current sensing device inside the tank case, so without any extra cost, it can be connected with RTU for DAS application. The SF6 LBS of THAI MAXWELL uses the SF6 gas insulating and arc quenching , and combined with unique puffing technics, it ensures the safe & long life load current switching. The basic quick make and quick brake, operator independent mechanism is very simple and reliable and installed inside the SF6 tank case, so no corrosion and maintenance free operation is achieved. The motor parts located in mechanism box ( out side the SF6 tank case ) just drive the power to the main shaft during electrical operation only, so in any case it reserves all the benefit of simplicity and reliability of manual mechanism.

Company Profile

Thai Maxwell Electric Company Limited (TME) is a leading manufacturer of distribution and instrument transformers, and other synergistic industrial products in Thailand. Established in 1979 and promoted by the Board of Investment (BOI), Royal Thai Government since 1980, we are part of the Maxwell Group, a niche industrial group (consisting of 21 companies employing over 1,300 personnel) that caters to the infrastructure development of both the private and public sector. Maxwell Group has numerous business interests ranging from power line insulators and power generators to warehouse racking systems and environmental control equipment to industrial, construction and electrical engineering services.