CK5116Epro Semi-closed CNC Single Column Vertical Lathe

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Dec,31, 2024

CK5116Epro Semi-closed CNC Vertical Lathe Machine This kind of lathes add some functions like semi-closed protection,chip cleaner,chip trolley,water pump workpiece cooling,oil temperature refrigerator cooling,Germany Mecano button station based on the CK5112Epro series,elegant appearance,high grade. The lathes worktable is waterproof so we don't need to afraid of the cutting liquid may infiltrate to the worktable,the square designed of worktable is convenient for cutting liquid collection.Use Simens 802DSL system(customers can appoint other kind system ),besides,both the servo motor and servo driver use Simens products. The slideway surface of crossbeam and T type ram slideway with a super audio quench(> HRC50)processed,durable and stable; and the sliding surface uses model pasting soft tape processed,so that the big repair cycle can be at least extended to ten years. The independent electrical ark equipped with air-condition to refrigeration,which has greatly extended the service life for the electricity components, this is convenient for maintenance,and will not be influenced by machine shake. Nanjing crafts or Taiwan Shangyin P3 level high accuracy ball screw(P1 for highest and P6 for lowest),and use imported screw bearing as support. The crossbeam adopts white steel as defended,each lubrication part of lathes uses automatic lubrication pump to supply oils automatically. Four-speed gear shift and motor infinitely variable speeds, wide range for constant power and big torque.Four station electrical knife table,change tools automatically,convenient and practical. Execute JB/T9934.1-1999 CNC vertical lathe accuracy testing. JB/T9934.2-1999 CNC vertical lathe technology conditions. High accuracy transmission case gears(6 level)and high accuracy spiral umbrella gears(6 level),low noise and high rotary accuracy. All the castings use HT300 gray cast iron(ram is ball iron)which with a manual heat timeliness procedures,high quality processing and completed configuration crafts.All the functional parts and electricity components are valuable goods,high reliability. For completed accessories configuration,the users can quickly go into production when only prepared knife tools and measure tools.Completed sales service(before sales,in sales,after sales,installation,debugging,training and repair guaranteed),two year quality warranted. Optional accessories:constant current static pressure slideway,raster closed loop,higher lathe bed,lengthen ram,etc.

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