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Bioenergy Machinery offers a complete solution for industrial steam and hot water generation. Our Biomass industrial burners to combustion control and burner management units and beyond. Bioenergy innovative combustion technology, quality manufacturing and experienced professionals deliver reliable combustion equipment to meet a wide range of industry demands.Responsive to today’s environmental concerns. LowCO2 & SO2 emissions burners will meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. Bioenergy combustion systems can optimize plant performance while reducing air emissions. Features and Benefits The use of by-products as a source of energy replaces expensive fossil fuels, eliminates difficult and costly disposal problems, utilizes available waste biomass, provides turndown similar to gaseous fuel, and reduces fuel costs for generating existing or new processes.  Low CO2 & SO2 Emission  Burning up to 95% Efficiency  Cost saving from 30-80% compare to fossil fuels  Smoke & dust free when burning  Energy saving  Environment protection The burner provides for fully automated combustion by incorporating an electronic ignitor, combustion blower and a photoelectric flame sensor. The burner ignites the pellets, supplies combustion air and monitors the flame for proper operation. Design features of the burner allow for very high temperature combustion without suffering the effects of corrosion or thermal breakdown.

Company Profile

Bioenergy Machinery Sdn., Bhd. is your local, one-stop, wood pellet expert, partner and friend. We are the leading manufacturer of high-quality wood pellets and pellet-mills in Malaysia, and we strive to compete in the international market. Our company’s mission and goal is to produce the machinery that is most efficient with the lowest power consumption, and use quality materials that our customers can rely on. Our expert and staff believe the key to our success is our expertise throughout the entire wood-pellet value-chain. Our experience in production, machinery, logistics, operations, and energy strategy enable our low-cost & high-quality pellets to meet global needs for sustainable solutions.