micro-bubble cleaning equipment

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Dec,31, 2023

In the washing apparatus using the (micro-bubbles) fine bubbles that were generated in water, we have achieved the cleaning and environmentally friendly safe alternative to industrial cleaning conventional consume acid, alkali and solvents large amounts of organic solvents.  Wash water used is only water and air, to prevent the redeposition with degreasing foreign matter removed by the float to the surface microbubbles generated in water to adsorb the dirt to the surface. Ideal for intermediate cleaning before moving cleaning in the manufacturing process, in the next step, providing cleaning and environmentally friendly workers safe and simple.

Company Profile

PT. NITTO ALAM INDONESIA is a Japanese investment company located in Tangerang, Indonesia. We manufacture precision screw. In Nitto, we have commitment to produce high qualityproducts as well as price competitiveness. With ISO 9001 and many awards from other company or institute that we have received we proved that we have the qualification.