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Dec,31, 2020

high precision surface Grinding machine Air conditioning compressor piston surface Grinding machine of Shenyang Hermos use advanced technology. Non-grinding time is largely shortened, equipped with double-position worktable and automatic loading and unloading system(optional), as a result, the production efficiency is largely improved . Dimensions can be self-corrected by adjusting feed table position automatically. The adjusting program is based on change rule and the compensation value can be regulated. Main parts of surface Grinding machine: Online instrument: Italy Marposs Grinding wheel spindle : Switzerland Rapid Servo system: Mitsubishi Electrical element: FUJI Control system : Mitsubishi High precision spindle and workbench is developed by ourselves. China Hermos CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprises with patents and software copyright. We specialize in research and production of CNC high precision double surface grinding machine, single surface grinding machine,internal grinder ,hard turning machine and other CNC equipments, which have the character of high efficiency, high precision, high rigidity, high stability. We have a professional technical service team for general customer service. The products are mainly used in several fields including air condition compressor, bearing, gear, auto parts, hydraulic parts and other industries, besides, it can be used to grind some parts with difficult-to-cut materials. We provide a full range of "grinding machine customization, development of grinding wheel, diamond roller ,workpiece processing technology". The main products of Shenyang Hermos CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd include: CNC internal grinding machine, CNC single surface grinding machine , CNC double surface grinding , CNC hard turning machine and other CNC machine tools. We also provide a full range of grinding, grinding wheel, roller processing technology. Machine tool is a completely global industry, only strong cooperation can meet challenges and grasp opportunities. ¨C Choose Hermos to make a right decision. New customers in January ,2015: An air conditioning accessories factory in Shenyang; An air conditioning accessories factory in Haerbin. Contact Number : 86-18909813784 Ms Hai 86-024-31232631 Faxes: 86-024-31232631 Email: [email protected] QQ:1944643224

Company Profile

Shenyang Hermos is a leading company in CNC machine making, with a technology team of more than 12 years experience in CNC machine producing and processing. The air conditioning compressor vane CNC double end face grinding machine Hermos produced , has been up to international standards. Its core components imported from Japan and Germany , and the control software is developed by Hermos, which makes it convenient to optimize and upgrade. Double end face grinding machine is a kind of high efficient flat machine , grinding two parallel surface at the same time in one process. It can be divided into horizontal and vertical according to the structure and also can be divided into throughout type, disk and reciprocating type according to feeding mode . The technology Hemors used in CNC double end grinding machine making is at the leading level in China and also advanced all over the world .