SL-206B type of underground cable fault locator

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Dec,31, 2023

SL-206B type of underground cable fault locator can without re-dug soil, easily and accurately detect underground communication cables, power cables toward, buried depth and the point of failure. Electricity, telecommunications sector and industrial enterprises indispensable equipment and right-hand man. By sending out electromagnetic signals specific to underground pipes, the detector probe and the use of magnetic field lines perpendicular to the plane tangent to the ground, the signal received from the smallest (almost zero) principles to determine the direction and depth of buried cables. [Features] 1 small size, light weight, easy to carry; 2 detection method is simple, easy maintenance, with automatic protection function; 3 power supply voltage is low, AC-DC dual-use applicability; 4 transmitter power, efficiency high; small 5 detects errors, anti-jamming capability.

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Universal Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. is engaged in the underground pipeline detector, spark leak, technological development coating detector, gas leak detector and cable fault detection instrument sales of integrated enterprise. Its WN series of products with high stability, high sensitivity, high anti-interference, innovative multi-functional, etc., is oil, gas, electricity, municipal engineering and other departments indispensable testing equipment, construction quality underground pipeline coating inspection and maintenance checks a convenient, high efficiency detection equipment.