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(With inkless binning for 200mm Wafers ) APPLICATIONS Wafer Sorting Optical inspection with Inkless Binning FEATURES: Atmospheric robot wafer handling Capability to handle thin wafer (>6 mils) Multi function- Cassette to Cassette Sort , Cassette to XY-stage for micro inspection Inkless Binning catered to handle all Semi Std Map Format Macro inspection (Frontside , Backside & Edge defect) Tilting & Spin Module Capable to integrate with any OEM Microscope Optical Character Reader (OCR) Smallest foot print SEC II GEM (Option)

Company Profile

The Company provides printed circuit board and box-build assembly, equipment design and manufacturing services. It is well equipped to provide value-added services such as materials management, circuit layout, prototype & development engineering, metal stamping and precision machined components. The Company serves customers in the industrial equipment market segment. These include electro-luminescent displays used in industrial, transportation and medical applications, medical and health care equipment; office equipment as in digital photocopiers, analytical instruments as in gas and liquid chromatographs and measurement instruments, industrial safety controllers and environmental sensors, front and back end semiconductor equipment and SMT equipment.