3 Zones Economic GSM Alarm (Model: WT-1010S)

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Dec,31, 2023

There is a lot of places don’t need full set of alarm panel For example, warehouse, abandon and vacant building, farm, small retails shops, rented house, apartment, cottage, holiday homes and a lot more. In this scenarios, basic and economic alarm panel should be good enough for the environment and not necessary supply with full set of alarm panel. The WT-1010S GSM Alarm Panel is a wireless communicator for alarm and fire panels that uses the cell phone network (GSM) to transmit alarms and other panel event. The module checks the status of the PSTN line and in case the PSTN line becomes unavailable, the WT-1010S GSM emulate the line signal to the panel. At this time, the panel will dial out using the GSM cell phone network to communicate with the receiver at the monitoring station and transmit the alarms.

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