Jute Sack

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A range of heavy jute fabrics either in plain or twill weaves manufactured by using coarse jute fiber in larger percentage than used for manufacturing tarpaulin, hessian or such light fabrics. Sacking refers to the coarser and heavier cloth, used primarily for sacks for packing materials that do not need special protection, but has higher weight. The difference between hessian and sacking is in the quality of the cloth and the jute used for its production, the difference being primarily one of fineness, the former being made of finer grade jute, the latter of coarser qualities. Hessian can be available in cloth lengths, while the mills usually convert sacking cloth into bags and sacks. Available qualities are twill, A-twill cloth, B-twill cloth, L-twill cloth, oslo twill cloth, brattice cloth, heavy cee

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